Success story

Success story
Paramaunt Group Limited

LLC Kazakhstan Paramount Engineering is the largest, unique and innovative enterprise in Central Asia for the production of modern armored vehicles.

On November 30, 2015, the plant was opened. The partners of the project are Kazakhstan Engineering Distribution LLC and the South African company Paramount Group, which established the joint venture of Kazakhstan Paramount Engineering LLP for the implementation of the Project.

The enterprise mastered the whole technological process of production (cutting, bending, welding, making the machine body, painting, testing, etc.), engineering and technical staff was formed, a design bureau was created to fully satisfy the needs of customers.

The armored cars produced at the plant correspond to the highest international standards and, by some of their tactical and technical characteristics, far surpass foreign counterparts. A distinctive feature of our armored vehicles is reliability, mobility and a high level of protection.

Let out production:
  • armored wheeled vehicles (BKM) Arlan with the wheel formula "4х4"
  • аrmored wheeled vehicles (BKM) Alan with the wheel formula "4х4"
  • armored wheeled vehicles (BKM) Nomad with the wheel formula "4х4"
  • armored personnel carrier (BTR) Barys with the wheel formula "6х6", as well as "8х8"

Since December 2016 the enterprise has successfully fulfilled all the contractual obligations for the delivery of armored wheeled vehicles "Arlan" and "Alan" of its own production to the armament of the Kazakh army, as well as other power departments of the country.

Kazakhstan Paramount Engineering sets itself the task of providing the domestic armed forces with advanced technology, maximum localization of production and subsequent export of products to international markets.

The productive capacity of the plant is 120 cars per year.

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