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More than half a trillion tenge of investments attracted to the capital in 7 months - Kulginov

More than half a trillion tenge of investments attracted to the capital in 7 months - Kulginov

Akim of Nur-Sultan Altai Kulginov on his Instagram page said that over two years at investment councils to attract investments, more than 150 projects were supported with the creation of more than 18 thousand jobs, the official website of the akimat of the capital reports.

“The attractiveness of our capital for investors is growing every year. Despite the pandemic last year and this year, we not only managed not to reduce the volume of investments, but also to increase it. We direct private investments to the construction of projects that are necessary for the city and residents. So, last year we attracted a record amount of investments to the city - over 1 trillion tenge. For 7 months of this year - over 504 billion tenge, growth over the same period is 9%.

In his Address to the people, the head of state noted the importance of attracting investments into the economy and providing investors with comprehensive service support.

Investment advice on attracting investments was transferred to a systematic basis. At the same time, there is a regional front office for attracting investments, Astana Invest, which provides full support to investors on the principle of "one-stop shop", including when going through the procedures of public services. During this time, more than 150 projects have been supported with the creation of more than 18 thousand jobs. These are projects in the fields of medicine, education, logistics and trade, industry, sports, electricity, etc.

For example, a number of private educational institutions, the production of building materials, equipment, etc. were commissioned this year. Within the framework of the Economy of Simple Things, another 40 projects worth 55 billion tenge were supported: the construction of schools, medical centers, a center for perinatal prophylaxis, etc.

Also, at the expense of attracted investments, we are building 3 wholesale distribution centers and two greenhouse complexes with a capacity of 10 thousand tons of products per year. Completion of construction is scheduled for 2022-23. At the same time, we are implementing an investment project for the construction of a bakery plant with a capacity of 5 thousand tons per year. Commissioning dates are scheduled for the end of this year.

We also attracted investors for the construction of a vegetable storage with a capacity of up to 6 thousand tons per year. We plan to commission it next year. Within the framework of the regional investment council, they also supported the construction of a production and food complex with a total cost of 2.6 billion tenge. Project capacity: milk processing plant - 100 thousand tons / day; bakery plant - 25 tons / day, vegetable storage 6 thousand tons of storage.

Last year, such large projects as a house-building plant were put into operation, which makes it possible to reduce construction time without compromising quality, and also to reduce the cost of square meters. The capacity of the house-building plant is up to 500 thousand square meters of housing per year.

We also put into operation projects for the production of paving stones, dry building mixtures, construction lifting machines and mechanisms (tower cranes, front elevators, cargo lifts), furniture cases and wood products, polyethylene and polypropylene pipes, concrete mix of all brands and cement, production disposable medical masks, etc.

Thus, we direct private investments to projects that are necessary for the city and residents,” the akim of the capital wrote.

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