SEZ and IZ

SEZ and IZ
"Astana - New City" Special Economic Zone

Special economic zones are created in order to accelerate the development of industries and regions, attract investment and create high-performance and competitive industries, as well as modern technologies.

Special Economic Zone "Astana" new city" was established in 2001. The main objectives of the SEZ "Astana" new city" defined:

  • accelerated construction of a new administrative and business center of the capital;
  • opening of new production in the Industrial Park.

The solution of the goals is implemented on the basis of:

  • attracting foreign investment;
  • dynamic development of the economy by attracting new technologies, advanced foreign experience, combining and integrated use of state, commercial and foreign capital;

To solve the set goals, a favorable investment climate has been created on the territory of the SEZ. In order to improve the investment climate, the Council was created to attract investors and improve the investment climate in the city of Nur-Sultan.

The main advantages of investors:

  • government support for direct investment in the construction of facilities and the opening of new industries in the SEZ;
  • tax and customs privileges;
  • the possibility of introducing advanced technologies and the use of modern scientific and technical achievements in urban planning;
  • provision of land plots for construction of objects in engineering territories.

Currently, the territory of the SEZ is 7,634.71 hectares, and this is almost 7 times the original territory. When creating the SEZ, the territory was 1052 hectares.

The territory of the SEZ consists of a new administrative and business center of the capital and industrial parks number 1 and number 2.

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