SEZ and IZ

In the first years after the transfer of the capital, the problem of accelerated development of the left Bank of the Yesil river was acute. It was planned to achieve this goal by attracting investment and using advanced technologies in construction, as well as creating a modern infrastructure. For this purpose, the SEZ "Astana – new city"was created by the decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 645 dated June 29, 2001. The territory of the SEZ "Astana-new city" was expanded several times, covering all new districts of the young capital, and its validity period was extended. The goals of its creation expanded from the initial stimulation of the construction of the capital to the development of manufacturing industries in suburban industrial zones. As practice has shown, the operation of this SEZ was successful and made a huge contribution to the development of Nur-Sultan. A significant part of the city was actively built up during the entire term of the SEZ, and Industrial Park No. 1 is 99% full of participants. By mid-2020, the number of projects in Industrial Park No. 1 exceeded 80, the number of jobs was more than 4 thousand, and the total cost of projects was 278 billion. tenge.

Each tenge invested by the state in the construction of the infrastructure of Industrial Park No. 1 attracted almost 8 tenge of private investment and brought 3.6 tenge of taxes to the budget.

According to the Ministry of industry and infrastructure development, as of the first half of 2020, the Astana-new city SEZ is the largest special economic zone in the Republic of Kazakhstan, producing 71% of total production (in monetary terms) and bringing 44% of tax revenues from all SEZs of the country, which provided a 22% share of exports of products from all SEZ zones.

The term of the SEZ "Astana-new city" expires in 2027.

Under these conditions, in order to continue the policy of stimulating the development of the city of Nur-Sultan, a new special economic zone "Astana – Technopolis" was created by the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated November 24, 2017 No. 772 with a validity period until 2042.

The new SEZ was set the task to develop Industrial Park No. 2, and the new SEZ "Astana – Technopolis" included the territories of the flagship of higher education in the country – Nazarbayev University and Nurly Zhol Boulevard. This SEZ has a mixed specialization from traditional construction and manufacturing industries to high-tech industries such as information technology, research, medicine, and others. To date, design work is being carried out on Industrial Park No. 2.

On February 13, 2018, by the decree of the mayor's office of the capital, the management company of the SEZ "Astana – Technopolis" was created, and from may 20, 2019, the SEZ "Astana – new city"was also transferred to its management.

Thus, both the capital of the SEZ is currently managed by a single Management company. Since July 2020, the management company of the SEZ "Astana-Technopolis" has moved to the Industrial Park No. 1 in order to improve interaction with industrial enterprises and quickly solve problems.

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