Success Stories

PIC Astana Yutariya Ltd LLC

Production Innovative Company Astana Yutarya Ltd LLC was established in 2013.

The area of the production complex is over 7000 square meters, including production, auxiliary, office, warehouse and administrative premises on a plot of 2 hectares of land. PIC «Astana Yutarya Ltd» is one of the leading Kazakhstan companies in the field of production of light industry products, developing standards in the field of technical regulation and is distinguished by a wide range of apparel products. 

The conducting project allowed to create over 400 new jobs with high labor productivity.

Modern technologies, qualified personnel allow to obtain the mechanism of complex solution, development of production.

The enterprise  is equipped with the automated equipment of the firm ZOJE, a well-known international brand, supplying to the world market more than 40% of sewing and specialized equipment for light industry enterprises.  

In the workshops of the factory there is an automated cutting and embroidery equipment with program control. At the enterprise innovative processes of designing of products of light industry with use of new technologies and scientifically-applied workings out are introduced.

The priority direction of the Company is the development of domestic demand and strengthening an export potential, including by expanding the range of production.

The range of products includes more than 200 items. This special clothing for workers in the chemical, oil and gas, metallurgy, food, pharmaceutical, automotive, transport and construction, municipal services, hotel complex and many other industries.

The company produces a wide range of consumer goods. This is men's, women's, business and casual clothing, children's products, home textiles, towels, tablecloths, bed linens.

Particular attention is paid to the design, development, production of clothing, taking into account the specifics of the sphere - medical gowns, school uniforms, uniforms for power structures.

By order of the organizers of the international exhibition EXPO – 2017, the company has developed and sewed clothes for all workers in the service sector: supervisors, standers, volunteers and medical volunteers, employees of the Contact Center, Accreditation, NC Astana EXPO – 2017 JSC.

With the purpose of promoting the domestic commodity producer and implementing the policy of import substitution, on the initiative of PIC Astana Yutariya Ltd a number of shops Univermag KZ were opened, in which the products of Kazakhstan producers are presented.

In addition, the manufacturing company has become an innovator in the territory of Kazakhstan to introduce a single integrated service from production to after-sale service, which includes a wide range of services (classic washing, dry cleaning, repair and marking of overalls).

In January 2017, a contract was signed between PIC Astana Yutariya ltd LLP and Turkish company Güzelce Makina for more than $ 1.5 million. Automated production of classic male, female jackets, suits and coats will open new prospects for domestic light industry. The Turkish side has made commitments for the equipment to reach its designed capacity and service support for 7 years.

As a result of the project implementation, it is expected:
  • Achievement  of productive capacity - 100 thousand suits per year;
  • Creation of 125 new jobs;
  • Forecast of increasing taxes and other mandatory payments to the budget by 35-40% when reaching the projected capacity.
  • Export to Russia and European countries in the second half of the year 2019-2020

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